How To Choose Your Travel Buddy

Traveling is a huge investment. You’re stepping out your comfort zone, burning through precious vacation days and most importantly, spending a great deal of money. With so much at stake, it’s best to be in good company.

I realized how important travel buddy chemistry is when I became a flight attendant. I could be in a ghost town, but having the right crew will make it feel like Las Vegas. It only took a few layovers to convince me to choose travel partners wisely for leisure trips.

It’s difficult to foresee who would be a good match. However, you can ask yourself a few questions to evaluate how well you two will mesh. Groups are much more complex, so for this discussion we’ll focus on pairs.

My friend Brittany and I were not expecting it to be so cold in New Orleans. Still enjoyed Mardi Gras!

First question – what are you looking to get out of the trip? Let’s say you’re planning a Mexican getaway. If you’re excited to explore ancient Mayan ruins and your friend is craving uninterrupted reading on the beach, you might be compromising a lot more than intended. Going further, is meeting new people a must? Or not important at all? A shy, reserved traveler will quickly clash with a party animal.

Secondly, do your budgets match? If you’re a frugal traveler, you’ve probably planned out how much you’re willing to spend. But if you team up with a splurger, saving those precious funds will be a challenge.

Lastly, how do they handle conflict? Traveling is full of surprises and some things won’t pan out as expected. It’s great to be with someone who can minimize the stress, not add to it. If the restaurant server messes up your order, can you see your buddy losing their cool? I’ve been there – it’s not fun.

Have an honest chat with your friend before committing to a trip but don’t write them off too soon. As your motives for traveling change, so does your company. They may not be ideal for this voyage but they could be perfect for the next.


How do you choose your travel buddies? Comment below!


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  1. Brittany says:

    This is the truth! You know I’ve had bad travel experiences due to poor travel buddy chemistry. I think people as friends just assume they will work when traveling because “Hey we love each other at home!” Traveling together is a whole different animal. lol These tips you share are spot on. Easy to recall and once answered will totally make choosing a travel buddy easy.
    PS: Mardi Gras was a blast! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophia says:

    Yes ma’am! We all make the mistake of assuming someone will make a great partner from a couple great nights out. Away from home is a completely different ballgame. Mardi Gras was so much fun! Thanks for reading!


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