6 Passengers You’ll See On Every Flight

Every flight comes with different personality types. But with all the surprises, flight attendants can be sure to find a few of these people on every trip…

The Non-Parent
This person lets their child run wild and free all over the plane, knocking over cups and bumping elbows. Who cares if it’s inconsiderate to other passengers? Little Timmy is so cute! No… he’s not.

The Over-Packer
You’ll see them struggling all the way down the jet bridge. He’ll have two carry-ons, a briefcase, a backpack and a Hudson News bag of magazines. Then complain that there’s no overhead bin space for all his things.

The Diva
“Ma’am, your bag has to be under the seat in front of you for takeoff”
“My purse?”
“But it’s Gucci” **flips hair**
“And it still has to be under the seat”

The Glutton
You’ve given him a Coke, a Sprite, two ginger ales and every snack on the plane. Right before initial descent, he’ll be ringing the call button for coffee.

The Creep
A passenger giving you a friendly smile is pretty harmless. But when it goes into an awkward stare-down during your compliance walk, you know who to avoid until landing.

The Interviewer
This person has a million questions for you. Some are legitimate, some are whiny. But you’re expected to know the answers to all of them.
What time are we landing? What do you mean there’s a weather delay? Why do I have to stow my tray table? Those are the only meal options? Is that the engine? Why is it so loud?


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