5 Gift Ideas For Travelers

The holiday season is underway and so is the pressure to knock out your gift list. You might find it difficult to shop for the frequent traveler in your life but I’m here to tell you that practicality is key. Giving something that will complement their lifestyle is the best way to score points with them.

So how can you bring holiday cheer to a traveler? Here are five useful gifts for the loved one that’s always on the go.

This portable door lock will give the recipient peace of mind in their hotel room. The Addalock is a small device that keeps outsiders from entering the room – even if they have a key. Check out a demonstration here –

I’ve used mine on every layover and leisure travel trip for the past 3 years and it’s become a staple in my suitcase.


Dilson, a fellow traveler, waits for his flight in style at an airline lounge – @sky_hunter05

Airline Lounge Access
Treat your beloved jetsetter to a little pampering before their flight. A gift membership to an airport lounge will be a great enhancement to their travels. They can enjoy a tasty dinner, fully stocked bar, and even a shower while waiting for their connection. This gift will require a bit of research beforehand. It’s best to choose the lounge associated with the airline they fly most frequently.


Personalized Luggage Tag
This is a great gift to make someone feel special without putting a dent in your bank account. A luggage tag will easily make their bag more identifiable in a sea of black and blue carry-ons. Adding personal touches like favorite sports teams, country flags, etc make it an item tailor-made for them.

Packable Jacket
A packable down jacket is essential for the person that’s constantly changing climates. They can stay warm during a business trip in Colorado then toss it in the bag en route to Miami. It also offers a different wardrobe option for a trip. No need to commit to only one warm coat when the other folds small into their suitcase. Here’s a great option from Hawke & Co. The Heidi jacket is warm, stylish, and easily shrinks down in your bag.

Professional Camera
It seems like the most obvious gift to give, but point & shoot cameras are not that simple anymore! Newer models like the Canon PowerShot SX730 offer Wi-Fi connectability, 40x zoom and a 180 degree flip-out viewfinder. Help the traveler in your life turn their memories abroad into like-worthy Instagram pics.

What’s on your holiday wish list? Comment below!

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  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of a portal door lock that’s so smart!


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