The Flight Attendant Personality Types


Changing coworkers every day sounds strange to most people. For inflight crewmembers, it’s the norm and we get used to it quickly. Blending new personalities on each trip can connect you with the coolest people at your airline or test your patience before any passengers board. We’re used to seeing the same passenger types on every flight, but here are some common folks that flight attendants find themselves sharing a galley with –

The Constant Complainer
You haven’t even exchanged names yet, but Ms. Glass-Half-Empty is upset.
“Base report was too early”
“Next month’s bids are screwed up”
“The gate agent has long hair”
It doesn’t take much to get this flight attendant grouchy.

The Chatterbox
He usually starts off with friendly chit-chat, then he begins his life story. Before you know it, you’re looking for any reason to leave the galley before he starts one of his cat stories again.

Side-eyeing the ‘drill sergeant’ when they start listing the rules

The Drill Sergeant
This crewmember turns every part of the flight into a military-style drill. They know every rule in the manual and they are not afraid to let you know when you tiptoe out of line. “Hey, I see the diameter of your earrings are .000005 millimeters bigger than what’s allowed. You should really stay in compliance at all times.”

The Sloth
On the opposite side of the spectrum, there’s the crewmember doing the bare minimum on every trip. Usually very senior at the company, these jumpseat dwellers will catch up on Us Weekly, People, and InStyle magazine before 3A gets another drink. Let him tell it, “it’s not about being lazy, there’s just no need to rush.”

Getting up close & personal for the exit row briefing

The Flirt
This coworker takes being friendly to another level. They’ll flirt with the passengers, pilots and maybe even a ramp agent. It might be easy to judge but admit it, you’ve picked up some good game from them.

This flight attendant is heaven-sent. You have the same tastes in music, fashion and you crack each other up all day long. Your three-day trip feels more like a vacation and you two swear you’ll keep in touch. Fast-forward two years later and the only “keeping in touch” you’ve done is a like on Facebook.

Fly Girls & Guys! What other types have you worked with? Comment below!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Britt says:

    LOL I know I’m not a flight attendant but even as a passenger, I’ve picked up on some of these personality types. A lot of these are transferrable to other professions. I definitely know a few drill sergeant teachers. lol


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